Big demand for statisticians

“The sexy job in the next 10 years will be statisticians”

Getting a Master’s in Statistics could improve your job prospects, and is worth considering if you’re so inclined…


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I'm a tenured faculty member, and the head graduate advisor in my department.
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4 Responses to Big demand for statisticians

  1. GoofyDude says:

    What is that ellipsis supposed to imply…?

    • Silvia Bunge says:

      I honestly hadn’t given much thought to the ellipsis… perhaps I used it wistfully, since I wish that I could go back in time and take lots of Stats classes.

  2. Mike Pacer says:

    At least at Berkeley unfortunately getting a Masters in statistics, which was once a relatively painless process (obtainable by taking classes and writing an extra thesis in the course of your PhD), now involves applying with the rest of the prospective students and paying for the degree.

    While budgetary issues are surely the cause of this shift, it does make it more difficult for Cal Psych PhD’s (at the very least) to get a Statistics Masters. However, I don’t think that should discourage anyone from taking statistics classes…

    To mutilate Einstein/Kant/Hanson…
    Psych without stats is a runaway train with no tracks (reckless, destructive and blind), and stats without psych[^1] is a train with tracks but neither fuel nor map (certain, confused and immobile).


    [^1]: To be more accurate this may be “any empirically driven science”, but that’s way less pithy. And also there’s a case to be made regarding the particular role of measurement/categorical systems in determining what statistics are appropriate in any one situation, on which psychology will have something to say.

    • Silvia Bunge says:

      A useful reminder re: changes to UCB Stats Master’s requirements, thanks! I would bet that it’s not the MA in Stats per se that would be attractive to prospective employers, but rather one’s coursework & quantitative skill set.

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