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Is multi-tasking ever a good idea?

This photo just made me laugh out loud. Potholes aside, this Kansas area man demonstrates just how much we can achieve when we put our minds to it… In all seriousness, much has been written about the myth of multi-tasking. … Continue reading

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To defer or not to defer gratification while in graduate school

It’s a gorgeous day in the East Bay, and I’m trying to figure out how to squeeze in everything that I want to accomplish today, both on the personal and professional fronts. So far, so good: I went on an … Continue reading

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How Ph.D. students choose their careers

What are the factors that lead graduate students away from careers in academic science? This study, based on in-depth interviews of a relatively small sample of Ph.D.s, suggests that the biggest factors are emotional/motivational. With a little more encouragement and … Continue reading

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Straight talk about graduate school

When a student sent me this article by Professor Stephen C. Stearns, titled “Some Modest Advice for Graduate Students“, she warned me that it might be a bit intimidating for this blog. Indeed, to those of you who are not cynical by nature*, … Continue reading

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Women in science, & Handy tips for the male academic

As graduate students who work with undergrads both in the lab and in class, you have an important role to play in encouraging young talent to pursue careers in science. Are you doing enough on this front? Might implicit biases … Continue reading

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