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How professors spend their time

How faculty are expected to allocate their time differs somewhat across settings (research universities, liberal arts colleges, community colleges, professional schools), but all professors struggle to achieve the right balance between teaching, research, and service. This cartoon captures the essence … Continue reading

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How Ph.D. students choose their careers

What are the factors that lead graduate students away from careers in academic science? This study, based on in-depth interviews of a relatively small sample of Ph.D.s, suggests that the biggest factors are emotional/motivational. With a little more encouragement and … Continue reading

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Women in science, & Handy tips for the male academic

As graduate students who work with undergrads both in the lab and in class, you have an important role to play in encouraging young talent to pursue careers in science. Are you doing enough on this front? Might implicit biases … Continue reading

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Why are there so few female leaders?

With all the discussion around ‘leaning in’ these days, I thought this was a great little piece on the subject of gender and leadership.

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Learning to enjoy the academic life

This is a nice article that’s been making the rounds. I almost didn’t post it here because it’s technically aimed at untenured faculty, but a reader convinced me that it has good advice for grad students as well. Before you … Continue reading

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So what if you’re good at it – do you enjoy it?

I wrote a letter of recommendation today for a young woman – let’s call her Alexa – who has recently completed her Ph.D. and has decided to leave academia and try her hand at something quite different. As I noted … Continue reading

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Big demand for statisticians

“The sexy job in the next 10 years will be statisticians” Getting a Master’s in Statistics could improve your job prospects, and is worth considering if you’re so inclined…

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