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How professors spend their time

How faculty are expected to allocate their time differs somewhat across settings (research universities, liberal arts colleges, community colleges, professional schools), but all professors struggle to achieve the right balance between teaching, research, and service. This cartoon captures the essence … Continue reading

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Straight talk about graduate school

When a student sent me this article by Professor Stephen C. Stearns, titled “Some Modest Advice for Graduate Students“, she warned me that it might be a bit intimidating for this blog. Indeed, to those of you who are not cynical by nature*, … Continue reading

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Bridging the gap with your advisor

Greetings! I’m surprised to find that people from outside our department – and even outside the U.S. – have been visiting my blog. The most popular topic thus far has been the student-advisor relationship, so I’ve decided to repost part … Continue reading

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Interpersonal difficulties? Maybe they stem from cultural differences

Each of us comes to the table with our own special blend of cultural influences that shape our values and how we interpret others’ words and actions. Considering where others may be ‘coming from’ – literally – could improve our … Continue reading

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Neverending edits

One of the challenges in the transition from college to grad school is accepting the fact that most of one’s papers will be co-written with an advisor, or possibly even team-written. Some advisors provide only high-level commentary, while others roll … Continue reading

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