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Why are there so few female leaders?

With all the discussion around ‘leaning in’ these days, I thought this was a great little piece on the subject of gender and leadership. Advertisements

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Need a stats refresher?

My friend and colleague Andrew Conway-Spera, a faculty member in Psychology at Princeton, is a gifted statistics instructor. He created an online intro to stats MOOC last year for Coursera, and it went phenomenally well. He has made numerous tweaks … Continue reading

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Learning to enjoy the academic life

This is a nice article that’s been making the rounds. I almost didn’t post it here because it’s technically aimed at untenured faculty, but a reader convinced me that it has good advice for grad students as well. Before you … Continue reading

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Publishing your work: Traditional & open-access journals

A lucid piece by Michael Eisen, a UC Berkeley professor, HHMI investigator, and co-founder of the PLoS series of open-access journals: The past, present, and future of scholarly publishing

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So what if you’re good at it – do you enjoy it?

I wrote a letter of recommendation today for a young woman – let’s call her Alexa – who has recently completed her Ph.D. and has decided to leave academia and try her hand at something quite different. As I noted … Continue reading

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The importance of stupidity

I’m guessing that when you were growing up, you were praised for your intelligence. (Just a wild hunch!) And while I’m sure that you are, indeed, very bright, I don’t think you should dwell on it. Today’s post is about … Continue reading

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Bridging the gap with your advisor

Greetings! I’m surprised to find that people from outside our department – and even outside the U.S. – have been visiting my blog. The most popular topic thus far has been the student-advisor relationship, so I’ve decided to repost part … Continue reading

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